The AQUACUBE® is an air powered, maintenance free system that provides complete aeration, biological filtration, circulation and degassing.

aqua4The AQUACUBE® self-cleans and is designed to operate without maintenance for years of continuous service. The AQUACUBE® replaces traditional and costly water pump driven aeration, gas stripping, circulation and biological filtration systems with a very economical, maintenance-free life support system.

The combined effectiveness of the high dissolved oxygen, biological filtration (digestion of dissolved nutrients), carbon dioxide stripping and circulation all provide an excellent, maintenance free aquatic life support system. AQUACUBES® have no submerged electrical wires, no chemicals and require no replacement parts. Thousands of AQUACUBES® have now been in trouble free operation for over 20 years.


  • Provides maintenance-free aeration, degassing, circulation and biological filtration in any fresh or saltwater system.
  • Provides very energy efficient multiproccessed water flow without a water pump.
  • Processes approximately 10 times more water per kilowatt hour than the most efficient wateraquacubeinwater pump.
  • Cleans itself by its patented bobbing action that sloughs off old biofilm.
  • Can be used to create a directed flow of processed water in any circular or rectangular tank or body of water.
  • Has no submerged electrical wires thereby eliminating electrocution hazards and uses no chemicals.
  • Air flow is individually controlled to each unit to increase or decrease the water flow optimizing your life support system.
  • Remains portable so units can easily be added or transferred to other sites.
  • Requires no replacement parts and no maintenance.