“Thank you for your professional assistance with the design and supply of your Perma-Bead System for this special project.  Your timely help and ability to modify your design to meet our changing requirements is greatly appreciated.” A.C. – California

“I wanted to write to thank you for your technical support throughout all stages of this last project.  Your Perma-Bead System is ideal for this client and he is very happy with the results.” H.B. – South Carolina

“The system you designed works perfectly. I would be more than happy to give you a good reference. We have been very happy with the design and the customer service offered by you and your company.” G.L. – Maine


You have a great product. It really works! I save a lot of time and use much less water ever since I switched to Perma-Beads.” L.B. – South Carolina

“I no longer have to backwash my filter every day and my water is perfectly clear. I can see my fish again.” J.B. – Illinois

“We specify Perma-Beads for all of our filters because we know from many past projects that Perma-Beads save maintenance time, conserve water and give us terrific water quality.” D.M. – California

“Perma-Beads are really an excellent product that perform as advertized. We have used them in numerous projects and all still continue to provide beautiful water quality without complaints about maintaining filters and excessive water loss.” J.R. – Texas

“We are very pleased with the conversion of our sand filters to Perma Beads. We note excellent filtration and a significant reduction in backwash time and water use. The beads “give up” the filtered material much faster and more completely than did the sand. We notice cooler running pumps and more efficient disinfection. Fine particulate is filtered faster and more completely than anticipated. Even after a severe thunderstorm causing a great deal of soil contamination the water cleared within a few hours. I would recommend the Perma- Bead conversion for any sand filter which is subjected to a significant soil or bioload demand.”
G.A. – New York


“I bought an Aquacube system several years ago and it has worked flawlessly ever since installation. I have two other biological filters for my pond both of which appear to be not working. When I build another system I will not even bother to put in any other type of filtration other than the Aquacube.” J.E. – Washington

“Thanks, the Aquacube is working great.  Within a week the conditions of the water were ideal.   Something I was unable to obtain before the Aquacube.”  P.P. – Texas

“The Aquacube is a great product. I have been using them in our systems for years and plan on continuing to use them in the future.” R.T. – Maine

When I first start up an Aquacube my fish suddenly became more active and the water quality improved within a few days and stayed improved.  I will continue to use them in my client’s ponds.”
B.J. – California