About Us

Since 1984, long before it became popular to be “green”, Advanced Aquaculture Systems was designing and supplying recirculating systems. Advanced Aquaculture Systems continues to be at the forefront of innovation by offering our unique proprietary products and creative recirculating system designs.

sanantoniokoipondAdvanced Aquaculture Systems is not a catalog house, but instead we select the ideal components to create customized, balanced aquatic filtration, aeration and life support systems to meet your requirements. Our small size allows us to deliver highly personalized service with frequent client dialog to create unique systems designed to meet your specific site, production and budgetary objectives.

Our professional staff skillfully blends biology, engineering and aesthetic requirements to provide simple, yet elegant designs that are very user friendly. Our proprietary products maximize water resources while minimizing maintenance and energy requirements.

We are always available to provide technical support and long-term sustainable solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs. We invite you to call and discuss your project with us so we can help you achieve your goals.





“I wanted to thank you for your help with our recent project.  Your innovative design, CAD drawings and attention to detail made this a success thorough the design, installation and start up.  Looking forward to the next project.” J.N. – California


“Thank you for your help with the aquatic biology and technical support with our past project.  I know now that if we had not used your services we would have not ended up with the very simple but functional water quality management system we now have.  We will certainly be calling on your support again for our next project!” T.A. – South Carolina

“Your professional assistance and attention to detail during this project are very much appreciated.  It has been a pleasure working with you and learning the reasons for the design and components you provided.” P. D. – Connecticut